A strong support system is vital in any successful weight loss program. This support can come in several different forms, all created and intended to ensure you have the best opportunity to reach your individual goals.

Wexford Wellness has created a variety of tools and techniques that can be incorporated into your customized program to help you on your journey, providing you the best opportunity to realize the body you deserve.

Types Of Support

A Personal Weight Loss Counselor will meet with you during your initial appointment as well as every follow up visit to:

  • Address Your Specific Concerns
  • Celebrate Your Achievements
  • Provide Education Regarding Your Long Term Healthy Lifestyle
  • Monitor Your Progress
  • Offer Helpful Weight Loss Tips Customized To Your Program

Our counselors will also hold you accountable by reviewing your food and exercise journals, helping you understand how they are related to your results. And finally, each session will strive to educate you on the main principles of good nutrition so that you will be able to maintain your healthy habits not only for the time you’re with us, but for the rest of your life. In addition to the support of your personalized counselor, we offer:

High Protein Foods

healthy-foodsWe have incorporated a vast selection of protein-infused foods to help make your customized weight loss program simple to follow, ensuring your body receives the proper amount of complementary nutrients to maintain your overall health. Click here to learn more about our healthy foods to help you lose weight.

Weight Loss Supplements

supplements210x140Used in combination with your new, healthier eating habits, our selected weight loss supplements are meant to improve the way your body performs daily functions. These supplements are intended to provide your body with energy needed to ensure proper exercise as well as provide the ability to transition into a new, healthier you. Click here to learn more about our recommended supplements.

What To Expect

With our personal support, coupled with selected supplements and healthy, convenient foods, you can expect to have access to all the resources required to help you reach your goals. The physicians and doctors of Wexford Wellness are dedicated to providing the physical nutrients needed for your mind, body and health as well as the emotional feedback needed to nurture you through this exciting process of change. If you have any questions regarding our Weight Loss Support system available at Wexford Wellness, please Ask The Doctor by submitting your question on the form located on the right. You can also call us directly at 724-935-4300.