Lipovite Injections

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The unique mixture of ingredients in Lipovite injections assists in using fat content from daily meals to be burned for energy rather than being stored in the cells.

Lipovite has been called Super B12 due to its ability to offer the same positive weight loss aspects of Vitamin B12, with additional benefits. These medically prescribed injections are a very specific combination of multi-vitamins and lipotropic amino acids.

When used in conjunction with B12 injections, your body will be optimized to achieve the best results.

What To Expect

Lipovite contains three active ingredients each meant to perform a specific function to induce the body to quickly burn fat.

  • Choline

    Found naturally in many foods, Choline is a nutrient that helps keep the liver healthy, reducing the risk of fatty liver disease.

  • Inositol

    When combined with Choline, Insoitol forms a fat fighting substance called lecithin, a product that helps the body redistribute fat.

  • Methionine

    This amino acid is known to stimulate the metabolism while increasing the ability to transport fat from the body.

When these ingredients are combined together in Lipovite injections, they have been considered extremely helpful in providing an additional boost to break through individual weight loss plateaus. These lipotropic agents are an imperative component in breaking down fats and lipids. When available to the body, Lipovite helps consumed fat to be broken down efficiently, promoting it to be excreted via natural methods rather than stored as unwanted fat.

Lipovite can also stimulate the liver’s production of lecithin, known for its ability to break up cholesterol, moving it through the blood stream. This elimination of cholesterol from the body greatly reduces the risk of clogged arteries.

Choline and Methionine are also vital in assisting with detoxifying the waste generated during this increased period of metabolic activity.

Some patients who have decided to incorporate Lipovite injections have claimed to experience:

  • Improved mood
  • Clearer concentration
  • Increased energy
  • Being more resistant to common diseases

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