Doctor supervised weight loss programs are more productive than fad diets or difficult attempts to diet on your own.

The medical physicians, including our nurse practitioners Alicia F. Abate, NP and Sarah Kline, NP, of Wexford Wellness are committed to the achievement of your goals, providing guidance, resources and direct oversight throughout your journey. Our intention is to ensure you keep your body healthy while losing the amount of weight you have determined. Your customized program will be created to help you quickly and safely get the body you’ve always wanted, costing considerably less than other popular weight loss systems, helping to finally produce the body you deserve.

What To Expect

You can expect a detailed program, created specifically to help you reach your goals. Our medical weight loss programs consist of a variety of techniques, all or some of which may be suited to your unique plan.

Appetite Suppressants

appetite210x140Appetite suppressants, used alone or in conjunction with our other medical weight loss services, can greatly increase the success rate of your weight loss plan. Cravings while on a diet are normal, and are often the cause for so many unsuccessful attempts to shed unwanted pounds. Incorporating these suppressants may be the key you have been looking for in order to achieve your desired results. Click here to learn more about how Appetite Suppressants can benefit your weight loss.

B12 Injections

massage-therapyFor years, B12 has been touted as being able to sharpen mental focus, increase energy and boost the body’s natural metabolism. Injections of this vitamin into the body, rather than being ingested orally, can help you enjoy the full benefits much more quickly. Click here to learn more about how B12 Injections can benefit your weight loss.

Lipovite Injections

relaxingA very detailed combination of lipotropic amino acids and vitamins, Lipovite directs the body to use fat from daily-ingested food for energy. Consisting mostly of choline, methionine and inositol, this mixture helps break down fat more easily, permitting it to be discharged naturally from the body rather than being stored as unwanted pounds. Click here to learn more about how Lipovite Injections can benefit your weight loss.