Wexford Wellness understands the need for physical rehabilitation can happen to anyone at any time. Our customized programs are created to strengthen your body as well as prevent the risk of further injury.

Some common occurrences resulting in the need for rehabilitation assistance include:

Auto Accidents

Injuries related to auto accidents often include: nerve and soft tissue damage, back, knee and shoulder injuries as well as lumbar or cervical disc damage.

Sports Injuries

Damage to ligaments or tendons including ACL tears, twisted or sprained joints and broken bones.

Muscle Injuries

Hamstring pulls, abdominal strains, and pulled Achilles tendons have all benefited from rehabilitation programs.

Post-Surgical Conditions

Knee, shoulder and hip replacement surgery are just some of the procedures requiring post-operative rehabilitation.

Mobility Problems

Rehabilitation can assist those recovering from a stroke, the elderly as well as individuals with declining gross and fine motor skills.


Recovery time can be expedited from both same-level and elevated slip and fall accidents with physical rehabilitation programs.

Chronic Diseases

Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Heart Disease, Cerebral Palsy, and Parkinson’s Disease are some of the chronic diseases that can benefit from a physical rehabilitation regime.

What To Expect

Expect to be guided by dedicated, trained therapists who are concerned with expediting your recovery time. Our caring, knowledgeable staff will work with you, consistently helping to improve your condition while gauging your results.

Help you recover from your specific injuries; restoring your body to its natural state is our main priority.

No condition that requires physical rehab is totally identical. We understand the importance of individualized treatment.

As your sessions proceed, you will:

Feel A Reduction In Initial Pain

One of the main directives involved in the creation of your customized program is to improve your condition while decreasing your pain. Initially, you may experience discomfort, however this pain will incrementally subside as your program evolves.

Experience Better Muscle Memory

As your program proceeds, you are actually training your muscles to remember and respond to the rehabilitative exercises.

Notice Improved Mobility

A better, more flexible range of motion will result from continued rehabilitation sessions. This increase in mobility is required in order to return your body to a more ideal state, possibly even better than your precondition status.

Realize Increased Strength

The weakened condition of your body requiring physical rehabilitation will continue to strengthen as the process continues. Based on your specific ailment, a sense of confidence and security should manifest as your body becomes stronger.

If you have any questions regarding the Physical Rehabilitation available at Wexford Wellness, please ASK THE DOCTOR by submitting your question on the form located on the right.

You can also call us directly at 724-935-4300.